Professor Mordehai (Moty) Heiblum

Graduated with a Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley; spent 12 years with IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights, and is currently a Professor in the Condensed Matter Physics Department (from 1991). Presently serving as the director of the Braun Center for Submicron Research and the department chair. An incumbent of the Alex and Ida Sussman Professorial Chair in Submicron Electronics.

email : Moty.Heiblum + suffix
Home Page :
Office Phone : +972-8-934-3896
Office Fax : +972-8-934-4127

Address : Braun Center for Submicron Research
Department of Condensed Matter Physics
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, Israel.

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Current Members



Wenmin Yang


Chang-Ki Hong



Ph.D. students

Amir Rosenblatt

Rajarshi Bhattacharyya

Ron Melcer



Amir Yacoby Professor, Harvard University, USA
Eyal Buks Professor, Technion, Israel
R. Schuster Researcher, Infineon, Germany
Michael Reznikov Professor, Technion, Israel
R. de-Picciotto Researcher, AT&T Bell Lab., USA; Now in an Israeli startup
David Sprinzak Researcher, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Timothy Griffts Applied Materials, Israel
Ji Yang Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Yunchul Chung Professor, Pusan National University, Korea
Eyal Comforti Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Fabien Portier Researcher, CNRS, France
Michal Avinun-Kalish Applied Materials, Israel
Daniel Rohrlich Researcher, Ben Gurion University, Israel
Oren Zarchin El-Mul Tech., Israel
Michele Zaffalon Post-Doc., MIT, USA ; Now in Hi-Tech, Switzerland
Izhar Neder Post-Doc., Harvard University, USA
Aveek Bid Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Oktay Goktas
Nebile Isik
Merav Dolev Post-Doc., Stanford University, USA ; Now in Hi-Tech, USA
Nissim Ofek Post-Doc., Yale University, USA
Andrey Kretinin Post-Doc., University of Manchester, UK
Anindya Das Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Emil Weisz Applied Materials, Israel
Yaron Gross Post-Doc., Stanford University, USA
Hiroyuki Inoue Post-Doc., Princeton University, USA
Ron Sabo Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Itamar Gurman Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Hyungkook Choi Chonbuk University, South Korea
Itamar Sivan Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Fabien Lafont Collège de France
Yonatan Cohen Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Jung-Hyun (Jordan) Kang Neils Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Anna Grivnin Hi Tech Industry, Israel
Mitali Banerjee Columbia University, USA






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